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Do you know there even in Freestyle, there are 3 styles of Freestyle ( front crawl ) , watch  legendary Olympian Gary Hall Sr video to understand and choose the right style for you. 



Ryan Lochte doing drills - Drills are absolutely important to imrpove your swimming. Look how smooth his swim is. 


Hi all 

My name is Darren and I am a part time swim instructor , I specialised in stroke corrections for all the main 4 strokes ( freestyle , breast stroke , backstroke and butterfly ) and adult beginners lessons. 

My Credentials

Represented Singapore for ARAFURA Games in Australia year 2000

Represented Singapore for ASEAN Uni games in Phillipines year 2001

Top OSIM triathlon on the swim leg (1.5km ) in 2005

Ranked 13th in Canada Master age group 25-29 year 2010


I help swimmers improve their time by correcting their swim strokes , via underwater video analysis . Get yours done and you will be surprise how you were swimming all these while. 





Above: Me swimming butterfly in East Meadows pool at Tanah Merah, Singapore.



Above: Me doing Total Immersion Style smooth freestyle swimming.



Above: Anaysing my own freestyle swim with multi angle camera in Canada .



The water is your friend.  You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.  ~Aleksandr Popov


Call +65 8428 3884 for queries 

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