Swimming Stroke Improvement - ( per session )

Underwater Swimming Analysis - 27th Aug 2017 (Sunday) 10 am to noon- East Meadows


- 1.5 hours of Freestlye Stroke Analysis and Improvement

- 1 video analysis ( underwater and above water video anaysis with commentary  )

- Presription of swim stroke remediation via specific swimming drills 

- Sun morning 10am to  slot 

- max 6 person / max attention 

- Convenience at your own pool downstairs ( East Meadows Condominium )

- Complimentary use of Finis Fulcrum Paddles ( to enforce the practise of Early Vertical Forearm )

- Feel free to contact me at the contact us page at right corner of the page for any inquiries

Me doing freestyle width at East Meadows Condominium


* additional lessons at 80 SGD an hour 

* classes can be rescheduled if weather does not permit lessons 

Call +65 8428 3884 for queries.