About Us

Hi all !

My name is Darren and I am a part time swim instructor , I specialised in stroke corrections for all the main 4 strokes ( freestyle , breast stroke , backstroke and butterfly ) and adult beginners lessons. 

I have been swimming since I was 8 and went competitive when I was 10, Later, I went on to challenge myself in open water swim and Masters swimming . I came out top 3 at OSIM triathlon on the swim leg (1.5km ) and held some Singapore Life saving meet Records .

Recently , I got 2nd in the Canada Provincial Masters swim meet in my favourite event, 50m breasstroke sprints. 

In my swimming journey, I have also managed to teach many adults in Canada, US and Singapore , who have fear of water and now some of them are even swimming more than I do ! :)

I am really passionate about swimming and would like to share with you this beautiful sports ! If you see me swimming at the East Meadows Pool in Tanah Merah, feel free to say hi  :)



Darren Lim

Above: Me swimming using TYR paddles.


Above: One of my students in Houston practising front crawl .


Above: One of my students in Houston practising breast stroke .



Above: Me swimming butterfly with Finis Finger Paddles .



The water is your friend.  You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.  ~Aleksandr Popov